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PRANDATA Pre Recorded Course in English


This program addresses how to retain your agents and how to get optimum results from the agents. 

Furthermore, it teaches how to awaken the agents that are dormant, stagnant, and on the verge of termination.


PRANDATA is a 25 days training program for activizing advisors, retaining them and getting results from them continuously.
It includes 1. Planning 2. Recruitment 3. Activization 4. Nurturing 5. Development 6. Administration 7. Training 8.Action
PRANDATA emphasizes on the 25 traps you must avoid falling . The entire content of the program focuses on doing right things than doing things right. Every session gives simple ideas and practical ways of keeping the advisor engaged, making him perform continuously.
You will learn how to master team management and get outstanding results from every member of the unit.
This is a pre recorded course. You can watch multiple times and sharpen your skills


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